January 22, 2005


I am back in blogging on Blogger.com. I started trying out which one could work better for me since August last year. One of the earliest day's blog site is :

My first post was here:

You may be interested to take a look at them although it dosen't have any significant contents. This is just for checking the functions and figuring out how it works. I sent an invitation mail to my friend to join in this blog site I just found today. I am not sure yet how it work. I suppose additional member also can post on this blog site. If I'm right team members could
talk and exchange thoughts via this blog site better than the other just make a comment on the stories I posted.

Just try it. My friend can register in blogger.com and open another blog site. We post and comment each other on two blog site? It may confuse in both-way communication.
If you want to build a private (not open to public) blog site, you may go for bloglines.com where I became member today. You may take a look at http://www.bloglines.com/blog/yamato
It's a brand new open blog site You know I do have a lot of curiousity and try many things as far as I can manage. I wonder if I do have seven different personalities. You should find
out(^_^)....smiling, and let me know of whether I am JEKYLL & HYDE!!!


cicada said...

Without knowing I have started my blog. Thank you, JEKYLL!!!

Chiacchiera said...

Hello! My Friend who's nickname is now cicada on the Blogger. Your another name is 「茶」(I hope you can see this character).

cicada is good name. I like it!
When I was at age twenties, I enjoyed sailing boat as a sports. It was named "cicada" ! Somehow I have a tendency to associte something to a coincidence.