February 17, 2005

Wangari Maathai



マータイさんの経歴や活動の経緯、平和賞受賞理由については、Press Release - Nobel Peace Prize 2004を参照。





<img src="http://photos1.blogger.com/img/218/3135/400/DSC02248.1.jpg" align=left>元の写真の大きさのままです。


width=200,height=150 のように追加指定する。


February 01, 2005

Shrinking JPEG files for Web posting

The file you sent by email is MS Word document which size is 1029KB. Here)s steps to find the profile and transform to other formats.

1. Open the word file (file name is "haworth.doc")and save it as web page (click "file" of top menu, select "save as web@page") on the desktop or any folder. You can see a file named haworth.htm and a folder named "haworth.files"

2. Open the haworth.files and find one .xml file and 12 jpg files. Take "image001.jpg" into consideration. That is a picture you took with Cybershot camera at 2005-1-3 21:30(12:30pm, UK time). Picture (jpg) size is 1600x1072 dot(or pixel). File size is 223KB. This means that you could print it to color printer with photo quality up to 6"x4" or even 12"x8" paper size.

3. You don't need to have a big high quality picture on the web and PC display because of the resolution required for computer processing. However nobody can tell which size and quality is better for displaying on the PC screen. It varies a lot depending on hardware, software,communication and quality you want to see on different graphic ( or bit-map) displays.

4. What I do is as follows;
 -resize a high quality picture to 800x600 for full screen
  with jpeg compression (or quality) level is 60% (upto 80%)
 -640x480 or 480x360 for slide presentation
 -picture as a reference in a text-based articles is 400x300 or 320x240

5. You can use several software to compress and resize (shrink). Most PC has software/programs for this purpose. The one, easier and quicker to do it, I am used to do is "縮小専用" program that is free software and downloadable from internet. Check this to learn the software and download it.(click here and install it to your computer.

6. Using the software is prety much self-explanatory and easy to use.
Here's some results as an example.
 -original image001.jpg 1600x1072 224kb
 -resize to 800x536 (71kb), to 640x428 (48kb), to 400x268 (22kb),
    to 320x214 (15kb), to 160x107 (5kb).
 -you see two pictures below. both are the same 320x214 size on the screen.

      #1 800x536 (71kb)

      #2 320x214 (15kb)

Can you tell the quality difference? If not, you'd better to use right one. Below is another example. Now you can judge which file you'd better to choose.

  800x536 (71kb)    320x214 (15kb) 

  160x107 (5kb)