June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson

Commenting on his passing, Sir Howard Stringer, Chairman, CEO and President, Sony Corporation, said: "Michael Jackson was a brilliant troubadour for his generation, a genius whose music reflected the passion and creativity of an era. His artistry and magnetism changed the music landscape forever. We have been profoundly affected by his originality, creativity and amazing body of work. The entire Sony family extends our deepest condolences to his family and to the millions of fans around the world who loved him."

June 12, 2009


Men become impotent because of women's low-cut dresses and bare legs

Russian physiologist Leonid Kitaev-Smyk has stated that most male diseases are caused by women who adhere to provocative clothes and behaviour. As a result, the Western civilization gradually turns into the society of sexually unsatisfied men and eventually unsuccessful and physically unhealthy men, the scientist considers.


Extreme bodybuilders turn into ugly muscled balloons


Sexy female terminator


Michelle Brent is famous American bodybuilder. She was married 5 times and it was always her who dumped her husbands. Then, till her 40’s she changed her lovers as often as she changed her clothes. Then at 45 she got married for the 6th time and now she says that it is forever…

Slim people have best quality sex

The slimmer you are the better sex you have
The slimmer you are the better sex you have

「スリムな人は素敵な性生活をもてる」・・・という研究結果が、肥満学会の年次報告会で発表された。Source: Pravda.ru

Substantial weight loss could bring big gains in the bedroom, a new study finds. According to U.S. researchers, obese individuals who slimmed down enjoyed enhanced sex lives, on top of feeling healthier.

The report was presented at the Obesity Society's annual meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Previous research by Martin Binks', director of behavior health at Duke University's Diet and Fitness Center in Durham, N.C., suggested that obese people experienced significantly high rates of difficulty in the quality of their sex lives. However, "little is known about the impact of weight loss on these factors," the researcher said.

Nudism endangers human potency and health

It is not quite correct to blame nudists (aka naturists) for all the possible deadly sins. A respectable sociology professor stated that all nudists are perverts - either homosexuals or lesbians. Real life stories prove it is absolutely wrong to say so. Nudists never copulate at their special parties. And what is more, they carefully watch that nobody touches others. It is allowed just to pat someone on a shoulder in a friendly way.
Source: Pravda


June 11, 2009

The Berlin Wall Gets a Makeover

By Jessica Mann in Berlin

The longest remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall is known for its colorful and political murals. The iconic images, though, have flaked and faded. This summer, artists from around the world have returned to retrace their brushstrokes.


つぎの写真はDaniel Rodanがベルリンの壁をモチーフにデザインした衣装を着たモデルたち。場所はブランデンブルグ門。


Hadopi is dead

"three strikes" buried by highest court.

The Constitutionnal Council, highest jurisdiction in France gave its decision1 concerning the HADOPI "three strikes" law, final stage before the promulgation of the law. It decided that presumption of innocence is more important than the idiotic schemes from the entertainment industries to artificially prolong their obsolete models.

All sanctioning power (ie. disconnecting internet users) has been removed from the HADOPI.

" This is a great victory for citizens who proved they can altogether act to protect their Freedom. HADOPI's 'three strikes' is finally buried. All we have now is a big tax-sponsored spam machine for the entertainment industries. But this is not the end of Sarkozy's will to control the Internet. The next law, LOPPSI, is already on tracks and will be about filtering the content on the Internet. Citizens must celebrate this great victory but remain watchful..." declares Jérémie Zimmermann, cheerfully.



Jérémie Zimmermannは市民の権利とフリーソフトを擁護する団体のリーダー。

June 10, 2009

Social Mediaの十戒

The 10 Commandments of Social Media

As an author of The Social Media Bible, I am often asked, "What do I need to do engage my company, my products, and myself in social media?" The answer is easy: participate. Get out there and get involved. If you aren't in the game, you can't win. Here's your Ten Commandments or things you need to be doing to get in and win with social media.

Thou Shalt Blog (like crazy). Thou Shalt Create Profiles (everywhere). Thou Shalt Upload Photos (lots of them). Thou Shalt Upload Videos (all you can find). Thou Shalt Podcast (often). Thou Shalt Set Alerts (immediately). Thou Shalt Comment (on a multitude of blogs). Thou Shalt Get Connected (with everyone). Thou Shalt Explore Social Media (30 minutes per week). Thou Shalt Be Creative (go forth and create creatively)!

Commandments 1. Thou Shalt Blog (like crazy) Blog. Please. That's the first priority. Set up a blog, a personal blog, a business blog. It's easier than you think. Use an existing blogging site such as Blogger.com or GOingOn.com or install your own branded blogging site right on your own server by using WordPress. And, WordPress is free.

Commandments 2. Thou Shalt Create Profiles (everywhere) Create your profiles; do it now before someone else takes them. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. That's called cyber squatting. So get out there. Use Open Social to make filling in your profiles as easy as a click of a button.

Commandments 3. Thou Shalt Upload Photos (lots of them) Upload photographs. You've got them. Don't upload the one with you with a lampshade on your head…counterproductive; but other photographs? Absolutely. Customers want to see and participate. You want to give people a face to go with your company.

Commandments 4. Thou Shalt Upload Videos (all you can find) Videos. You all have got videos. I don't care whether it's training videos or customer videos, grab your video camera and go interview some of your customers. What's better than seeing your customer's smiley face on your Web site? And it doesn't cost anything.

Commandments 5. Thou Shalt Podcast (often) Podcast. If you're too cheap to get a camera, use the free audio software that's in your computer. That's what I did. I created 48 audio podcasts. If you take the podcasts I did for my book and played them back-to-back, they run 24 continuous hours of interviews. You can do that. It's free. It just takes time.

Commandments 6. Thou Shalt Set Alerts (immediately) Set alerts. People are talking about you. You probably need to know what they are saying and you want to participate.

Commandments 7. Thou Shalt Comment (on a multitude of blogs) Comment. Commenting is like going to a cocktail party. You wouldn't walk into a networking event, walk up to a group of people talking, and tell them your name and what you do in your business. That would be rude and unacceptable. Listen first. Read the blogs and add comments. You can be controversial, that's okay. But participate. Get involved.

Commandments 8. Thou Shalt Get Connected (with everyone) Get LinkedIn. Put it in your email that you have a LinkedIn account, you have a FaceBook account, and that you have a Twitter account. Make it a part of your heading on your letterhead, because that's how you propagate. That's how you sell it.

Commandments 9. Thou Shalt Explore Social Media (30 minutes per week) Explore social media. Give me thirty minutes a week, that's all I'm asking. Friday morning grab your coffee, lock yourself in your office, and give me thirty minutes. Just Google something. I promise you within the first 30 days you will be excited. You'll be as excited as I am. You will get excited because of the ROI.

Commandments 10. Thou Shalt Be Creative (go forth and create creatively) And the most important commandment is creativity. That's all. It's just creativity and having fun. But you know what, that's what your customers want. They want to see transparency. They want to see authenticity. They want to see you having fun. They want to be able to relate and communicate.

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Lon Safko is the co-author of The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies For Business Success. He is also an innovator and professional speaker with over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, strategic partnering, speaking, training, writing, and e-commerce. He is the founder of eight successful companies, including Paper Models, Inc.

June 02, 2009

Google Wave

Google is previewing a new web application to developers that may eventually supplant Gmail. Google Wave goes beyond the basic capabilities of email in order to let people communicate and work collaboratively in real-time with text, photos, videos, maps, gadgets, and social networking feeds from other sources on the internet.

A "wave" is equal parts conversation and document. A user starts off by creating a wave and adding people to it. Everyone on a wave can insert a reply or edit the wave directly. It is being billed as concurrent, collaborative rich text editing, where you can see on your screen nearly instantly what your fellow collaborators are typing in your wave. That means Google Wave is well suited for quick messages as well as for persistent content. A "playback" function is also available to rewind the wave and see how it evolved.