August 20, 2004

Trying out blogging services

I started looking for bloggers and blogging services both in US and Japan and realized there are so many services for free even in Japan. Many bloggers provide very useful contents and information which help me a lot to gather data quickly and to find information I need. Things has changed a great deal since mid 1990s when I run an Internet service company, Silicon Valley in the US.

I have compiled a list of blogging service providers in Japan. Total of 48 companies at least now compete each other and mostly for free of charge. I wonder how their business model works for long. You may take a look at the list of such providers.

I am so greatful with those bloggers who provide me a lot of information regarding blogging services. I learned quickly about blog and bloggers nowadays. They are more advanced than I expected. However I need to try out several blogging services for a while. At this moment I can't tell which service would work better for me.

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