August 08, 2004

It's great to have my own blog site

Long time ago, late 1980's, I have been an active online user like a blogger nowadays. Blogger... it's a buzz word since 1996 when guru only enjoyed to post their thoughts on the forums, news group, online community sites. When I started posting something, talking to people from other cultural backgrounds, and chatting occasionally, it was so expensive to continue being online via telephone line internationally especially between US and Japan. Even in the mid 1990's, fanatic online chatters and/or gamers in japan payed over 1000 dollars a month ! Yes, it's crazy but true story. I do know it because I was involved in the virtual world community services which had hundreds of thousands of users, though still just a few people. People know each other and live actually in the virtual world on the web.

Nowadays, vast of people who come and go through web, everybody seems to be stranger with no face and to feel lonely. It is hard to find someone with whom I could enjoy talking, to exchange opinion on different agenda, and to learn each other. Last several years, I have tried to change my life style and failed for some reason. I prefer to live in the country away from city and to talk to people from various cultural backgrounds in the world.

I started renewing my homepages where I intend to put various contents I already have. It will take longer time to organize than I expect. I just try to blog on a few blogger site and to find a better site for me. seems to be good because it's so easy to create and I like the structure, look and feel templates give. I will come back when I find time to blog here.

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